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Kairos GmbH is a market leader of data integration solutions for Biobanking and Clinical Trial Management with installations at multiple research consortia, biotech companies, and 30 of Germany’s 35 university hospitals.

The Role of Patients in Medical Research is Evolving, Thanks to Patient-Facing Health IT

Sponsored content brought to you by  In the fields of biobanking and clinical research, the active role of the patient as more than a donor...

To Build, or to Buy? What Hospitals and Biotech Must Consider Before Pursuing a...

Sponsored content brought to you by Today, an up-to-date data management system is a must for any modern hospital or biotech company. The vast amounts...

As Collaboration for Biobanking and Clinical Trials Grows, Software Systems Rise to the Challenge.

Sponsored content brought to you by  New developments in medical IT systems are helping link clinical data with biospecimens, creating new potential for...

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