Advancing Lupus Research: Establishment of a Robust Biorepository at UMass Chan’s Lupus Center

UMass Chan Medical School advances lupus care with pioneering biorepository and registry, aiming for breakthroughs in treatment and patient understanding.

Advancing Lupus Research: Establishment of a Robust Biorepository at UMass Chan's Lupus Center
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In a significant stride towards combating lupus, Dr. Roberto Caricchio, a distinguished figure in rheumatology at UMass Chan Medical School, has been awarded a $1.2 million grant by the Lupus Research Alliance. This funding aims to establish a comprehensive biorepository and registry, marking a pivotal moment for lupus research and patient care.

Dr. Caricchio, alongside a multidisciplinary team, underscores the importance of this initiative, highlighting UMass Chan’s commitment to delivering superior care to lupus patients through a collaborative approach involving rheumatologists, nephrologists, and dermatologists. This effort ensures meticulous patient enrollment and the proper preservation of samples.

The Lupus Landmark Study and the Lupus Nexus biorepository, launched in 2023, have seen UMass Chan emerge as one of the inaugural sites to participate, setting a national benchmark with a target to monitor 3,500 patients over five years. Dr. Caricchio emphasized the critical need for this biorepository, addressing the diverse clinical challenges of lupus and the urgency to understand treatment non-responsiveness.

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This initiative not only aims to enroll patients for immediate research needs but also to lay the groundwork for future scientific inquiries. By engaging patients in sharing their experiences through questionnaires and contributing biological samples, the project seeks to deepen the understanding of lupus from both scientific and patient perspectives, paving the way for breakthroughs in treatment.

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