3-Day-Course: How To Build A Biobank – Learning By Doing | Biobank Graz

Source: Chelsea Ouellet, no changes made, CC0 Creative Commons.
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28- 30 November 2018 | Biobank Graz

Registration deadline: 12 October 2018

Registration and more information: https://biobank.medunigraz.at/education/

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For information and questions about registration please contact: biobank@medunigraz.at


Teaching method:  65 % lecture and 35 % interactive

Language:  English

Cost:   480 Euro | includes scripts, coffee & lunch breaks, 1 evening event, sightseeing tour in Graz

This interactive 3-day-course has been designed for all those who are involved in setting up a new biobank, who look to collaborate with a biobank or research institute, who face the challenges of a growing biobank or who try to overcome the challenges of maintaining a large biobank. The format of this course is a mixture of presentations and discussion sessions allowing participants to learn from the expert advice and the specific experience of their peers. Bring your questions with you for discussion!

This course is set up to:

  • Deliver the theoretical, operating and hands-on comprehensive knowledge essential to enable the activities of emerging and established biobanks
  • Transfer best practices for biobank personnel, investigators, clinicians and interested personnel
  • Encourage exchange of knowledge and skills across different biobanking activities from biospecimen preservation and storage to science and research
  • Enhance research quality in and public awareness of biobanks


  • Definitions and types of biobanking, what and how
  • Governance types and possibilities
  • Biobanking ethics, privacy, informed consent and data security
  • Design and services of a biobank
  • Cost calculation and funding
  • Quality management and process improvement
  • Sample collection and processing (Fluid and Tissue)
  • Sample storage and retrieval
  • Biobank data systems and records management

Biobank Graz is publicly funded and was established in 2007 as a non-profit central research facility of the Medical University of Graz, Austria. Biobank Graz is International Organization for Standardization (ISO), quality management systems (9001:2008) certified, storing approximately 20 million samples and associated data.